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About Story

Long before the bunnies descended and became lazy, There were Shinobi
Bunnies training in the wild mountains protecting the World from vicious
monsters, but there were only so many that they could slay. Lost and defeated
they now seek owners who will guide them for their ultimate battle.


Phase 1

Pre Launch

  • We will invest big time in marketing to create hype. We will also use our already established project Lazy Bunny to drive even more hype.
  • We will be doing random giveaways on different topics till we sell out to keep the audience engaged and interested.
  • We'll collaborate with other projects and influencers to give away WL spots.
  • Listing on Rarity Tools & other NFT calendars.

Phase 2

Post Launch

  • After selling out at a decided time which will be announced later, people who hold Shinobi Bunny NFT will be able to claim Mutation Carrots which you can use to mutate your Shinobi Bunny.
  • There will be 3 types of Mutation Carrots. Mutation Carrot type 1 will give you a basic Mutant Shinobi Bunny. Mutation Carrot type 2 will give you rare Mutant and Mutation Carrot type 3 will give you legendary Mutants.
  • Creation of Shinobi bank (Community Wallet) & load it with 5 ETH. Community decides what they want to do with these funds via poll.
  • After selling out we will giveaway $1,000 to 15 lucky holders.
  • 1 of the Legendary Shinobi Bunny will be reserved by team and auctioned to highest bidder. Funds will go to community wallet.

Phase 3

Down The Road

  • We will deposit $200,000 in community wallet which will be used to invest in blue chip NFT's or whatever the community decides and profits will be decided among holders depending upon how Shinobi Bunnies they hold. For more information on this join our disord from link on our mint page.
  • Buy land in MetaVerse to develop Shinobi Bunny Dojo upon it. This land will be used to generate income through play to earn games and selling ad space. All the funds generated from this land will go back to community wallet.
  • We will launch Shinobi Bunny online store where people will be able to buy digital and other physical merchandise.
  • We will keep investing back in marketing even after we sell out to make this one of the golden projects in the NFT space.
  • We will fund 2 projects of Shinobi Bunny holders that we think are ambitious and got real great ideas with big potential.

Phase 4

Roadmap 2.0

  • Roadmap 2.0 will be announced soon after all Shinobi Bunnies are with their holders.

Team Shinobi

With years of experience in marketing, coding smart contracts, spectacular art and an already established project (Lazy Bunny NFT) we assure you that you’ve found the right community. We have completed our last project's roadmap and stood by every promise we made to our community. We're here to stay and take you with us on our journey to success.